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  1. HubSpot's easy to use call tracking.

    Prioritize your day’s sales calls with data from your CRM.

    Easily line up an entire day’s worth of calls.

    Use engagement and contact property data from your HubSpot CRM to prioritize your best calls, and set up a daily calling queue.

    You’ll prioritize your most important calls and be able to work through your queue quickly, easily, and efficiently.

  2. Place calls directly in HubSpot.

    Place calls directly from your desktop browser.

    Place sales calls from your browser without even picking up a phone.

    Just one click connects you to a prospect through Voice Over IP or your desk phone. Your calls will always come from your number, and an option to record each call gives you reliable records of your conversations.

    You’ll spend less time dialing, and more time selling.

  3. Call tracking record.

    Automatically track and log sales calls in your CRM.

    Say goodbye to manually logging calls. 

    HubSpot's call tracker automatically logs every call to HubSpot CRM or Salesforce.

    When you track calling activities, you enable managers to efficiently coach reps with conversation intelligence that provides transcription for keyword searching, call commenting, and call analysis. This means your sales teams are always iterating, improving, and selling better.

The All-in-One Sales Software Your Team Will Actually Use

Email Sequences

Put prospecting on autopilot to keep them from slipping through the cracks and free up more time to close warm leads.

Email Templates

Turn your most effective and repetitive sales emails into templates you can access inside your inbox and share with your team.

Email Tracking

Know the second a lead opens an email, clicks a link, or downloads an attachment, and surface the most relevant notifications to the top of your activity feed. Then send a perfectly timed follow-up.

Email Scheduling

Schedule emails to go out at a specified date and time, or use machine learning to deliver emails to prospects when they’re most likely to engage.


Optimize your documents and personalize your pitch by seeing who views each document and which pages they spend time on.


Share a link that gives leads the power to choose a time that works for everyone. Works with Google Calendar, Office 365, and HubSpot CRM.

Live Chat

Connect directly with prospects when they’re actively engaging with your website. Route chat conversations to the right salesperson to build better relationships and close more deals.


Queue up a list of sales calls, make them from inside your browser, log calls to your CRM automatically, and record calls with a single click.

Sales Automation

Use workflows to automate manual, time-consuming tasks: Rotate leads, create deals and tasks, and more.


Out-of-the-box and customizable reports and dashboards allow you to share high-level business metrics with executives, or dig into more granular metrics for your sales team.

Predictive Lead Scoring

Prioritize your outreach based on a prospect’s likelihood to become a customer so you don’t waste time trying to qualify poor-fit leads.

Salesforce Integration

Bi-directional sync with Salesforce means a record of every email, meeting, call, and more is at your fingertips.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Call tracking is a sales automation function that tracks incoming or outgoing calls that your sales team makes with prospects. Originally designed to track where incoming sales calls are being generated, modern call tracking also uses artificial intelligence to make intelligent recordings of sales calls and propose critical points of the conversation for review later on. 

    Sales teams can use call tracking to understand how the team is performing. Likewise, your marketing team can use call tracking to know where to attribute incoming leads and how to distribute marketing dollars.

    With HubSpot, call tracking will automatically funnel information into any system within the HubSpot suite of products. You’ll see calls tracked within HubSpot’s CRM tools, within HubSpot’s sales pipeline software, and even within your help desk, so you’ll never miss any important context on leads or customers.

  • Popular features of HubSpot call tracking include:

    • Daily prioritization of essential or valuable calls
    • Place and record all of your calls from right within your browser
    • Automatically log calls within your CRM, so every team has up-to-the-minute context
    • Direct integration with HubSpot CRM 
    • Predictive lead scoring so you’ll know who to call first, based on their likelihood to convert
  • HubSpot’s call tracking is part of Sales Hub, and you can get started with it for free. If you’re looking for more advanced features to help automate and scale your sales operations, HubSpot also offers premium features with Starter, Professional, and Enterprise editions of Sales Hub.

  • Call tracking is instantaneous to set up. Simply create accounts for your sales team and associate any pre-existing phone numbers or contacts. Your sales team will be making calls and closing deals quickly.

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